Pc cant 'see' wd media centre anymore

ok, im very new to all this so apologies if this is covered elsewhere in the depts of the forum posts.

i purchased a wd media hub about 6 months ago, i installed it, connected it by eithernet cable to my wireless router and was transferring over video/music to save on the internal hd. all was going ok, no problems until recently.

i had someone come to install some other electrical equipment and he ended up disconnecting everything. when i returned and tried to reconnect with the media box i couldnt find it through the network tab on pc, (normally the icon was there under computer/network tab)  and it wouldnt connect to the internet thru the router. i tried to connect it directly to my pc by the ethernet cable to transfer over data but the pc didnt see it. i ran the wd discovery tool but again it tells me ‘no network devices were discovered’.

eventually after trying everything i reset the box to factory settings and tried again but no luck either by plugging the device directly into the pc or by trying to establish a new connection to the router. i tried a manual network setup on media box by inputting ip address and such having found some advice online but to no avail. so now i can neither connect to the net nor transfer any new material onto the hd.

so, im stumped. i run win 7 and as i said it was all working perfectly well until it was all disconnected while running.

so, can anyone here help me, you guys are the experts and im one step from crazy at this point. i just lost…


Have you tried doing a hard reset with the physical reset button on the unit?

Can you ping it?

Start with the simple stuff :slight_smile:

Start–>Run—>Command—> ping

You can get the IP address from the Setup menu on the device itself.