PC and Mac File Sharing

Sorry if this sounds like a dumb question,

I have my Windows 7 Desktop PC setup to access my WD Mirror, mainly to save data files, Photo’s,Music and PDF’s etc.

I am thinking of purchasing a Macbook Pro in the near future. Is it possible for the Macbook and the PC to share the data files on the WD Mirror. (The PC and the Macbook Pro would both be on the same Home Network)

i.e. if I am working on a Photo in  Photoshop cc on my Desktop PC,then save it to my WD Mirror, would I then be able to open the same photo up in Photoshop cc on my Macbook Pro and continue to work on it, save it back to the WD Mirror, and vica versa.

I Hope that makes sense.



Yes, of course it is possible. The best way to set up shares (i.e. shared directories on Mirror) and users, at least for the Windows side is to create an username and password on the Mirror that matches with the username/password of the Windows user you’ll be using. Then after you set up the read-write permissions on the Mirror giving access to that share you will be able to very easily access that share from the Windows side. I know you can definitely also access that same share from a Mac and I think it would be probaby be simple to access if the username/password of the same share matches with the Mac username password - but I am not sure about it as I don’t have a Mac anddon’t know if AFP works similarly in that respect as Windows over CIFS. You’ll need to Google search on the AFP username/password matching thing if you encounter any issues…but as far as being able to access the same share from a Mac and Windows PC is yes.

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Thank You Cybenut