Pb with email formatting when sharing files with others

I use Windows Live Mail on Win 8. When I share a file through email the email is formatted like this


[FILENAME]: http://NAS.deviceXX.wd2go.com:8080/api/1.0/rest/file_contents/Documents/[FILENAME]?device_user_id=YY&request_auth_code=ZZ
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The link is not clickable in live mail, or Windows 8 metro app (although this forum HTLM editor makes it clickable, I am noticing). Then, because of the formatting, the recipient has to be savvy enough to recognize the http address, to manually copy the right section and paste in a browser.


Is this the same problem with other email clients?



After I choose a folder, image or video to e-mail to a friend or family and it goes to my email, on my desktop it is AOL, I do the following to make the link clickable. I place my mouse I-beam pointer in front of http and then hit enter a couple of times to move the link down. I then move my I-beam pointer down using the down arrow to the last line of the link and press the End key so that the pointer moves to the end of the link and then I hit enter again and the link turns clickable. See images below. Please remember images must be approved before you can see them!!

Initial image before performing above steps.

Image after performing the above steps to make link clickable.

So let me get this correct…Everytime i want to share my recent photos and movies with my extended family of like 23 people…I need to tell them that this is what they need to do for each picture? Most of them have trouble turning on the TV. And this is the Fix? Im sorry but i paid 180 dollars for this thing to work as advertised. They did not advertise to me that I would need a team of computer gurus standing by . If Skydrive can be easy why cant this? I mean seriously microsoft is nothing to write home about. why cant it make a hyperlink automatically?