Pb dvd menu - NFS

i tried today to play a dvd in VOB format and no succes with having the dvd menu.

i can play through the thumb preview like a file.

if i play the video_ts , the system crashe and reboot.

so i tested with smb and the dvd menu works !!! and the “dvd” plays .

why this difference SMB <-> NFS ?

firmware : 2.01.86

Hello, do you have any problems when playing the files from a USB attached storage?

i have to try that.

but to be clear , when the connection is with windows network (smb), i have the ‘dvd like’  working when i push the play button on the directory containing the vob file and  i have acces to the dvd menu with the option button.

when i connect with nfs,  it is acting like  you  just watching a video and crashing !!