Pb affichage des dossiers

Bonjour , j’ai recemment fait l’acquisition d’un WD elements play 3To , j’avai deja une version 1To et j’en été tres content, cependant avc le 3To lorsque je le branche sur la TV , dans la section “video” j’ai tout les films les uns a la suite des autres , or g créé des sous dossier (Films, Series etc…) et dans chaque dossier g des sous dossier par fil (Iron man, Fight Club, etc …)  est-il possible de retrouver l’affichage comme sur les ancienne version du firmware ?? c’est-à-dire affichage des dossiers et sous dossier ??


Sorry but this is not a French speaking forum. You can try to contact tech support directly.


Google Translator:

Hello, I recently acquired a 3TB WD Elements play, I already avai 1TB version and Iwas very happy, however, the stroke 3TB when I plug the TV in "video "I have every movie has one after the other, or g created sub folder (Movies, TV, etc. …) and g in each folder sub folder by wire (Iron Man, Fight Club, etc … ) is it possible to bring the screen as on the old firmware version? that is to say, display folders and subfolder?


Most probably not. Though I do not have much experience: the behaviour that you see comes from the newer RealTek chipset and can, AFAIK, not be changed by the HDD vendor firmware. Let me check it out in a shop and come back to you.

Confirmed: on newer (latest) RealTek chipset, if you choose “Video”, all movies are displayed as flat list.

(For me this is definitely a no-go because the children are used to choose their movies by poster).

However on the HDD player that I could test, there is also an option “Files and Folders” that provides the behavior of the older RealTek chips.

If your 3TB WEP does not provide the “File Management” in the start-up screen, bring it back!

Hope this helps.