Paused Video

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I will present a video where I will need to make frequent manual pauses during the presentation.

I would like to find a way to eliminate the intrusive black overlay on the bottom of the screen when the “Pause” key is pressed.

Can anyone, please, provide me with a suggestion or software tweaking to do that?

I am using the WD TV Live Hub Media Center with the latest firmware installed.

I would really appreciate comments and suggestions.

Regards and Happy Holidays to all.


here you go …

ignore the install instructions … for the WDTV Live Hub you need to unzip the file and transfer the theme via a network connection to   .wd_tv\theme</strong>

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Thank you for your prompt reply and directing me to the proper forum.

The “NoVideoOverlay” zip file has 3 xml files and a folder called “image” containing 10 png files - 3kb each.

After unzipping “NoVideoOverlay” I moved its content to the directory .wd_tv\theme\

When I look into Setup/User Interface Themes I see 2 themes - Mochi (standard WD theme) an image.

If I select “image” the interface does not change.

My conclusion is:

  • I did not get the correct theme
  • I did not install it in the correct place

Out of curiosity when I browse the .wd_tv\theme\ directory I do not see the standard Mochi theme ?!?!

Please help me understand what I am doing wrong.

Thanks You.


1. Extract

2. Copy and Paste the Entire “Folder”  NoVideoOverlays   into  .wd_tv\theme&nbsp; directory

Like so …

3. On the WDTV Live Hub press “Setup” on your remote, select “Appearance”, then select “User Interface Themes”, select “NoVideoOverlays” then when prompted select “Apply theme”

Note: the default “Mochi” theme … is stored in “Flash Memory” and does not reside on the Internal HDD

This is a “fail safe” … so if you have any problems with a user created theme, the Mochi theme will always be there as a fallback.

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Thank you very much.

It works as expected.

Question: Is there documentation available that describes the function of the xml files?

My best to you,


This is my explanation  :smiley:  of how  video_run.xml   works  (color legend)

(note: some firmware revisions used  video_run_buf.xml  which is exactly the the same as video_run.xml

i included both for compatibility )

delete / modify whatever you please