PAUSE - and BAM screwy playback afterwards!

I’m using PS3 Media Server in OSX and experiencing something very strange on only ONE of my media types/locations.

I can play Eye TV recordings (.eyetv format on the internal HDD)  just fine - pause, stop start, fast forward, rewind - all perfect.  NO PROBLEMS AT ALL - this is a great companion for a Mac DVR BTW!

The problem I’m having is with .M4V (movies) on an external 2GB WD Elements drive connected to the Mac.  As the title says - if I use PAUSE -  screwy playback happens shortly afterwards!  Specifically it will play a little bit forward normally, then at some point soon, it goes crazy and flys forward at about 5000FPS to some point further on in the movie. 

Temporary work around = STOP the movie if we need to pause - and pray that RESUME works.  (Not a 100% for sure proposistion)

Anyone else seeing this?  Solutions?

Have you tried playing back the M4V files having the Elements plugged in directly to the SMP?  Do you have the same results?  If this is correct there is a chance that the encoding of your M4V files is not supported by the SMP,