Path for nzbget on WD TV Live

I got the new firmward last night and I’ve been trying to get nzbget to work.  I discovered quite a few things on my own, such as accessing the box at:


as well as:


I have a USB stick in the rear of the box as required, but I absolutely have no idea what to use for the path in the nzbGet settings page.  I’ve tried lots of paths, such as /tmp/media/usb, but I can’t get it to write to the USB stick.

Anybody else have some luck?



I recommend you contact support directly.

Contact WD

I have not tried this yet

but as for internal paths, I would have that WD’s developers should have known you have to be able to set a download path somewhere

maybe it’s in the GUI Menu Settings ??

as for internally

usb drives are found at


the 2 usb ports/hubs are

rear port = USB210

front port = USB1140

so a full absolute path would look something like


Thank you very much!

I was able to use the following and it worked:  /tmp/media/usb/USB210/0C86-A253/NZBGet

Here’s the thing, I believe the path will get automatically set if you plug the USB drive in the rear port BEFORE you turn on the unit.  I was plugging it in after powering on and it wasn’t getting set.  I need to confirm this is the case, but the only thing I did different this time was to power on after inserting the usb flash drive.