Paste a link in a post

When I paste a link it is not clickable, it shows some of the content of the link?

A ha… It is clickable if you find it. I don’t like this fancy feature

@gramps - This is called a Onebox and it automatically converts links from sites that support the technology (We only set up its most basic configuration so far - it will improve). This is one of the major draws to discourse - we will be able to implement this technology across other parts of our site, allowing for users to quickly display important information.

You can click it either on the link at the top, or by clicking on the title of the article/topic/page.

If the site doesn’t support one box’s it just shows up as a clickable link.

Here’s a few other examples from other sites that support it:

While it’s not technically a Onebox, the editor will also render images. For example if I enter on its own line…

I suppose I would be happier if the entire text was clickable. Granted I now know where to look/click but I had to find it vs it just working