I’ve recently purchased and installed 2 tb My Cloud on my iMac and having issues all over the place - what clumsy 1970’s software is this!!

Anyway, one of the issues I’m having is with passwords.  When I try to set up Timemachine on my computer it asks for the WD password and no matter how I type it in it doesn’t recognise it.  There’s no provision on this message box to reset forgotten password and it won’t respond if I reset it through a link sent by WD.  Is anyone ele having these problems…it seems, even though I’m the only user, there are password conflicts and I can’t get out of the loop that asks for password then doesn’t recognise it.

The password box shows up when I click on open, from the WD icon on my mac.  It says 'enter your name and password for the server “WDHOME.local.”   No matter what I type in, it won’t respond and, as I mentoned, there’s no option to reseet password, though I can sign in as a guest without the password - not very safe!!!

Is there a way to clear ALL passwords and put in one for the whole system?

Thanks in advance!!


I am on Windows and not Apple but do you have the Dashboard? If you do is the Admin password set to on or off? Have you looked at the User Manual?


A image of what comes up asking for your name and password would help.


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Let’s try to connect simply through Finder and mount a share. Once we have done this, it will be clear how to do it when you set up the Timemachine backup. Note that it is better not to mount the share that you use for TimeMachine, so this is just to try.

Launch the NAS UI with your browser, and take note of the name of the share for TimeMachine, and pick a user that has full access to the share. By default, the TimeMachine Backup is public, I believe, but you may have changed this.

Using Finder, choose Go, Connect to Server (Command K). In the windows that pops up type the address of your share. For example: smb://WDmyCloud/TimeMachine

Click on connect.

Choose Registered User and type the username and password of a NAS user that has full access to the TimeMachine share. If the share has public access, choose Guest instead of Registered User.

Once you have connected, eject this share from a window of Finder and try to connect using the TimeMachine UI with the same approach.