I’m still trying to get my MBL setup properly. The current problem is with passwords.

I have setup 2 shares - one for my work computer and one for my private one. These are in addition to the three default shares. Both these shares are set to be Public.

I have also set up two users - one for work and one for private - in addition to the default “admin” user. All three of these have no password.

When I use Windows Explorer (Win 7) to access the MBL, I can see directories for the two shares but I’m being asked for a username and password and I don’t have a clue what they might be. I’ve explicitly said that there are no passwords so what’s it looking for? I’ve tried setting up a password for one of the User accounts but that doesn’t work either.

Any advice would be gratefully received - thanks.

Usually if Winderz pops up and asks for a User ID / password for an otherwise public share, I just answer with random garbage.

By the way, if all your shares are public, there’s really no point in having specific users associated – as ANY user can access anything public.

So I could just delete the different user accounts and could still keep the separate directories on the MBL?


Thanks for that - getting rid of the accounts has stopped windows asking me for the password.

And, again, thanks for the advice.