I have a “WD My passport Elite” External hard.I have set a password and i forgot that password,so i cant use my hard disk.

Would anyony please help me?to reset that password?or remove it?

thank you very much in advance.

All you can do now is reformat there is no password reset. To reformat try 5 times I think and it will give the option to format.


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Were you able to get this resolved? I have a lot of data on my external hard drive, and am unable to retrieve it, due to the password issue. There must be a fix for this. Can someone PLEASE help?? I would appreciate it.

If you do the reset, do you lose your data?

If you use up your 5 truess a popup comes asking you to rease/clean drive. Unplug USB and power wait a couple min and plug back in. It should give you 5 more tries.


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How do u format a password protected hard drive i forgot my password

Just keep trying it should popup a windowasking if you want to erase/clean drive. probably 5 or 6 tries. This means your data is gone. There is no password reset or work around.


i searched everywhere for a solution to format my password protected hard drive. I tried several long and complicated methods suggested by various people but none worked. Then i read joe_s response and in less than 2 minutes my problem was solved. thank you joe_s you a star.

I have tried typing the incorrect password over 50 times, and it never gave an option of erasing or formatting?!

What should I do? I still can’t access my drive!

hi there. can you help me about my problem with my WD 320gb external hdd? i set a password on it, but now i can not acces it. i dont want to repormat it because i have some important files in it, can you hel me please. thanks…