Password setup after the face

I did not setup a password for my external hard drive during security setup—long story.  Now I can’t figure out how to do it.  All of the “hints” and info online say that I should be able to go to the settings menu and click on security and password setup, but that is not an option.    I can’t find anything to tell me how, after security setup, to go back and set up a password.  Now, I’m beyond FRUSTRATED to really PISSED OFF!  Somebody please help my non-techie brain figure this out. 



To set up the security on your drive you need to have installed on your computer the WD Smartware software or the WD Security software.

Thanks, Hamlet. I do have those installed, but have had no luck in figuring out how to set a password after the initial prompt on setup, which I failed to act upon


Check page # 35 of the WD Smartware user’s manual