Password Reset Problem

Hello. This is my first post.

I can’t remember my PASSPORT Password, but it is recognized and opened by mi notebook, becuse the first time i used it I activated the automatic remember password option.

So , now im trying to reset the old password (wich i forgot), but is asking me for the password, in spite the disk is working because the machine activated automatically.

How can i change or reset the password?

Someone can help?


There is no way on the drive or the WD software to reset the password without knowing it. All you can do is fail the entry a few times, which will then give you the offer to reset the drive (remove the password and format the drive) which will put everything back to factory blank.

As you still have access via your notebook one option could be to copy whatever you want/need to keep from the drive, then enter wrong passwords deliberately on another machine a few times (I think it’s 5 or 10 times) to get the reset/format option, blank the drive that way and then start again and copy the files back onto it.

Other than that you’d be looking to find a way to extract the password from the notebook, which would depend on what OS it’s running, and is beyond the scope of this forum.

By the way, this is why there’s the warning when you first set a password on a MyPassport that there’s no way to recover it to regain access, and to not forget the password.