"Password Required to Access Public Share" Problem

I have a Dell Venue 8 Pro running Windows 10. On the My Cloud, I have two shares. One is protected with a password and another one is not. Both shares are mapped to to the tablet with drive letters and all.

The thing is, everytime I want to access either share through the Drive letter link it will prompt me with one of my account passwords despite the fact that I check on the “Remember My Credentials” every time. Keep in mind that one of the shares is unprotected by a password so asking for this is really weird when it’s public to begin with. Even after I “Refreshed” Windows 10 on my tablet, the problem still keeps happening. There’s also a message that says “The Username and password is incorrect” below when it prompts me for my password but I am 100% certain I got the password correct as I’ve tested this a few times.

I have another Windows 10 tablet as well as a Windows 7 laptop and a 8.1 desktop. This doesn’t happen on any of them, which is why I consider it pretty weird that it keeps happening on this one. It’s especially annoying to have to put a password to access a share that’s not even password protected in the settings which is kinda weird.

Here’s where things get even weirder. Accessing the share via a direct IP shortcut (as opposed to the drive letter link) doesn’t prompt a password for the unprotected one, so it acts normal here. Still I need to access it via the Drive letter link and go through the password process for both if I want my Universal apps to be able to access them since they can’t uses shortcuts. To contrast, when I use my “other” Windows 10 tablet I never have to insert my password ever except for the first time and is kind of more convenient.

It may be a minor inconvenience but at the end of the day it’s still a bit weird and my other Windows 10 tablet shows that’s its normally not required think thus I am trying to look for a solution. It doesn’t appear to be the My Cloud since it only happens on my Dell Venue 8 Pro, but it’s not Windows 10 on general because I have another tablet with it that runs it fine. Possibly something in the network settings perhaps?

Any input or ideas is appreciated.

Did you clear any login info on User Accounts (Control Panel)? Did you ensure your Windows 10 system is set for private networks and file sharing as opposed to public networks?

My suggestion would be to unmap both shares on the troublesome PC, then re-map them, MAPPING THE PRIVATE SHARE FIRST, and providing the private share user credentials. Then map the public share, also providing the private share credentials.

I’m not sure if Wondows 10 has sorted it, but earlier versions wouldn’t let you map to different network drives using different credentials. If you map to a public share first, if will map using your PC credentials i.e. none that are relevant to the MyCloud), and so you will not be able to map to the private share thereafter.

On my XP machine, I have to provide credentials for just one share every time I boot, but, thereafter, I can open the other shares without credential requests. I do have to open them though (using File Explorer with desktop shortcuts), otherwise programs cannot access them (i.e. they’re not automatically connected). It’s a minor pain, but, gain, Win10 may have improved that.