Password protection

I have set up password protection on my passport for mac 2TB EXHD. I have made it auto unlock for user: for the machine I regularly use it on. Everytime the machine goes to sleep I have had to open WD security and enter the password then it will backup with time machine ok till today.

Now it says: unable to complete backup. an  error occurred while creating the backup folder - even when I go to WD security and enter password. When I try and eject it says: The disk “my passport for Mac” wasn’t ejected because one or more programs may be using it. Even if I quit WD security.

I can not see how to stop this or a way to uninstall the wd security. Can anyone help?


Does the drive has the same letter assigned as before?

You may try restarting the computer and close any software that might be using the drive like time machine and then try to eject the unit.