Password Protection of files

Sorry if this has been asked before but is there any way to easily password protect a single directory on a MBWD?

I’ve tried the route of setting up as a user with a private share, but this seems to force all users to use a password even for shared directories.

I just want to protect a couple of directories with a password (to stop my kids damaging the backups I keep) but leave all the other shared directories open.

Any help would be much appreciated.


Help please - Must be someone out there who has suceeded in password protecting directories?

If you create a new shared folder and make it private, then you can assign which users have access to the folder. You can even give some people read-only access. Everybody should still have access to Public shares.

However, if you’re using Windows XP (and sometimes even Vista or Windows 7 depending on your configuration), things can get tricky. The problem is that Windows first tries to connect to the drive with the Windows user name and password. If that fails, it connects as anonymous. If that works, it stops trying. Since the Public share allows anonymous access, you wind up connecting as anonymous. Then, when you try to connect to a private share, it sees that it’s already connected as anonymous and won’t let you connect as another user.

The easiest fix for this is to create an account for each user that matches the Windows login. So, if you login to Windows as “Wedgie” with the password “12345,” create a user named “Wedgie” on the My Book World with the password “12345.” Then, you can go into the folder share permissions and give “Wedgie” full access to your private share and you’ll connect to it every time without having to type in a password. Even with other operating systems (Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Mac OS X), this is ideal because you won’t have to authenticate with the My Book World to connect to your private share. Do this for everybody on your network, and it should solve your problem.

If that’s not possible, you can map a network drive to the share. On the map network drive screen, click the link to connect as another user. Then, enter the name and password of the user you created on the My Book World. Tell it to connect on login, then log off of Windows, then back on. That should also help.

How do you make a folder private? I would also like to password a couple of folders. Are there any simple instructions anywhere? I am a real novice.

I heard for monitoring password protected folders  people use ProteMac Logon Sentry ( ) …