Password protection and hardware encryption

Just bought a 3TB My password Usb 3.0 unit for PC.

The unit can only be used as normal external HD OR as backup unit with password encryption without any control on the data stored into the unit except backup - restore.

I needed instead an unit like Freedom that have a card encryption (that don’t work too well at all this is the reason why i try with WD my password) . When (IF) card is recognized the hd works as a normal external hd until you don’t turn off the PC or disconnect the unit.

I don’t think that most home users need a unit that cannot be used in any way as disaster recovery unit. And the professional user have of course professional backup storage option

Can we hope in a new firmware - software that allows the unit to be used as a “normal” external hd with data protection like freedom one ?

I am not sure if I completely understood you.  It is not  mandatory to use the backup, you can set up a password and use the drive to transfer your data manually, without using any software.