Password Protecting Shares

Hi there,
I’ve had this drive for a while now and my kids are now becoming a little savvy. I have password protected my personal share on the drives dashboard, however the laptop (Win 10) is still letting me map the drive as normal. It seems the computer is using my ADMIN credentials. How can I clear this memory so my shares require a password?



Hi there,

Try to disconnect the share from the computer, then after doing this try to map the share again to see if it asks you for a password. Also there is an option to reconnect at log on so you would like to un check this to see if you can get prompted every time you try to connect to the computer.

Yeah this seems to have worked a little too well. I now can’t map a drive, even though I’ve re added my password. I am effectively trying to seperate the shares so if my lads access their playstations they don’t get every video. Not sure it’s possible with the piece of kit but if anyone knows otherwise please let me know.