Password protected shares inaccessible - Vista

I just installed the 2 TB My Book Live.  I set up 4 shares for the family.  Two are password protected.  I can access all the unprotected shares from my Vista machine but not the password protected shares.  I can acccess them from my wifes machine (XP).  I have shared network drives set up on my machine for work.  Is this the problem?  The messages says you may not have permission or multiple connections to a drive by a single user are not allowed.

any help is appreciated.

I don’t know about the eror that multiple connections by a single user aren’t allowed.

But I do know that Windows won’t let you mount multiple shares that use DIFFERENT USER IDs on the same NAS box at the same time.

You either have to:

   1->  Make sure all the shares have the same UserID / Password (even the PUBLIC Ones!)

   2->  Disconnect the ones from User A before trying to access the ones for USer B.

Thanks TonyPh.

With your input and trying a few things I was able to resolve the problem.  I had to deselect my access to the other password protected shared drive in the MYBOOKLIVE dashboard under  “USERS  - SHARE ACCESS”.   Then it let me in.

Interestingly, with my USER access selected for both pasword protected shares - even when I turned off all the other computers on the network, rebooted mine and then tried fresh to access my private share (actually either one) it still denied access.  Wierd.  Please note that on my wifes XP machine she can access my private share without a hitch (she is selected for access in dashboard-USERS).  Apparently it is a Vista (my machine) issue.  Bottom line - I guess the dashboard doesn’t sort out al lthe conflicts when you manage users and define access rights.

Thanks again for some steering TonyPh.