Password protected external hard drive

I don’t know if anyone can help, but this is a sensitive matter. My daughter’s husband was killed in Afghanistan in July 2011 and when they returned his belongings to her, they kept his external hard drive because it is password protected. On that hard drive are pictures and video clips of her husband…All she has left for her and their 4 month old son (who was born after Dad died). I would appreciate any information we could pass along to the Army so that they can get past this password to clear the external hard drive so she can have it back. EMAIL:  information  Until they can clear the hard drive they will not return it to her. Is there a way to retrieve what is on it if the password cannot be attained? Please let me know

Sorry about your loss. There really isn’t much you can do about the password, there is no reset or bypass. Professsional data recovery might be able to crack the password with a brute force attack. That’s a program that keeps trying passwords. I’ll PM fzabkar who might be able to offer more.


The Armed Forces, if they want to get in, have the means and resources to do so, way more so any anyone you find here would.

Sad that such attempts at heart-tugging stories are used by just someone, not really affected by any such tragedy,  who just wants to know how to crack into a drive.