Password Protect for WD Passport (500GB)

Dear Sir/Mdm,

I had been using many Transcend’s pendrives and also one 250GB and two 320GB external hardisks until I decided to change and try WD external hard disks upon my friends’ recommendation.

I bought my first WD Passport  hard disk (500GB) on 14March 2011 and had no problem in creating and using the Password Protect feature.  If I am not mistaken, when I first connected the WD Passport to my ASUS Netbook, the Drive Setting Screen appeared straightaway and all I needed to do was select appropriately and then type in the Password and verify it.  I have been using this WD Passport without any problem ever since.

However, I am having problem with the new WD Passport (500GB) hard disk which I bought today, 30December 2011.  When I connected it to my ASUS Netbook, no Drive Setting Screen (or any other screen) appeared.  I then opened the WD Smartware folder (from Drive C) and found the following :

     WD SES Driver Setup (x64)

     WD SmartWare Setup (x64)

     WD SES Driver Setup (x86)

     WD SmartWare Setup (x86)

Kindly advise me which of the above is the correct Setup to use before the Drive Setting Screen would appear on my PC to enable me to create my Password.

Also, why is it that to create a Password Protect for this new WD Passport of mine is more difficult than with my earlier WD Passport ?

Thank you.

  WD SmartWare Setup (x64) : For Windows 64 Bits

  WD SmartWare Setup (x86) : For Windows 32 Bits.

Can we do the same, to create a pasword, for MAC users like me? Please guide me how to go about it. Thank you.

Yes you can. Install Smartware or the Unlock application.

When you install Smartware you’ll be prompted to setup security on the drive. If smartware is already installed then try this steps  How to Setup Security