Password Problems


I setup my new My Passport Wireless Pro network using the default password provided, changed the password and connected the drive to my local network wireless router (ASUS AC1900). The drive is working fine on the laptop I used to set it up.

When connected to the drive network, I can access the drive (average 20mbps) and the internet. if I connect to the router, speed is slower (about 5mbps), but this is OK.

My issue is I can’'t connect to the drive network from my new laptop (Windows)> I tried the the changed and default passwords. I get “access denied, incorrect password” error. I am sure I have the passwords correct. I am planning to reset the system (sys only), but am wondering why I can’t connect with a new laptop with the new or default password?

I have a WD MYCloud NAS connected to an Ethernet port on my local network router. When connected to the MYPASSPORT network, I can get to the Internet via the router, but Windows doesn’t see the NAS on the router Ethernet port.

If am connected to the router network, I can access files on the NAS and MYPASSPORT drive (slower data transfer rate), but I can’t see the MYPASSPORT dashboard.

I would appreciate any light anyone could shed on this.



Hi @sailguam,

Please refer to this Knowledge base article, in order to set up a My Passport Wireless Pro on a Windows PC: How to set up a My Passport Wireless Pro on a Windows PC

Hi Neha,

Thank you for the response. However, please refer to my post. I setup the MYPASPORT in accordance with the user manual (same instructions as the link you provided) with no problem. I could access the drive fine from the windows laptop that I used for the initial setup. The problem was I could not connect from my new laptop. The drive would not recognize the password (default or new password I had set).

This problem is not covered in the user manual or knowledge base article, I don’t think The manual tells you how to set the drive up, but not what to do it the drive doesn’t accept logins from other computers. I am sure I was using the correct passwords.

I was able to resolve the problem with a system only reset and I am posting what I did for anyone with a similar problem. After the system reset, the first 2 or 3 login attempts from a second computer failed. On the 3rd or 4th try, the log-in from my second laptop was accepted. I can now log into MYPASSPORT from either computer.

Thanks again for responding.


Sorry I made a typo above. The user manual tells you how to set up the drive, but not how to troubleshoot when the drive accepts log-in from one computer but not a another computer. (both Win 10 laptops…