Password pasted doesn't work (lost all my data) [bug report]

I jsut lost everything because of a shamefull bug: using the link bellow I wanted to lock my drive. I generated a 250 bit pasword copy past it on the field (as everybody does), idem to confirm it. WD did not fin any error, I saved it.

But it the password was not recognised after. Stresse… So after a while I did gave up and formated my drive (lost a week of tough work…). Then I did it again, and same issue. I noticed then that WD did trunkate the password without even letting me know that it was too long! So it only took about the first 25 (or so) caracters, and deleted the rest of it, without any warning.

Man that might be the most ridiculous and dangerous bug I never saw. Shame on you WD. I’m not sure of that but you might even have that bug in your forum/login form.

so people, before formatting and losing your work, just check the first 25 characters of your password…

The User Manual clearly states … Use a Password Up to 25 Characters

So if you did’nt bother reading it … then that doesn’t make it a “Bug”

P.S. Why did’nt you have a BACKUP of your tough week’s worth of data ? (Just as Important)