Password not working after removing USB


I have WD My Passport External hard disk of 2 TB. Once i removed the disk without properly ejecting it. After that the password is not working. I have it written but the same password which use to work is not working. I tried on different Laptop also but Nothing works.
The data is very important to me. How can i get the data.

And please don’t reply that password might be wrong. I have the correct password with me.

Thanks in advance


Hi vikashardia,

If you have a correct password with you then formatting a drive is the only option to get back to drive but you will loose all your data in this process.
Providing a link below just in case if it works:

Hi @Clx44

No the provided link is not useful.
And i CANNOT format my disk. I need some way to get the data back, I know the password i have the original purchase bill for Hard drive. All i want is a way to feed that password and get my data back. After that i am never gonna use WD products.

Hi @Clx44

Awaiting your reply. I am not gonna stop until I get my data back. And meanwhile your team can remove this feature of password protection as it is worthless.

Hi vikashardia,

I suggest you to give a call WD Customer Support.