Password issues

I want to back up MYBook.

I have given up trying to get safepoint to work. Everything it finds it slaps a padlock on and no actual or fictious name/pass gets past that.

So I thought a ‘simple’ solution (ho ho) would be to revert to using Goodsync to copy and update Mybook onto my other external harddrive.

However, I found goodsync was getting access denied when I pointed it at the my book even though I am putting in my username and password. It can see it but can’t access.

I then tried viewing mybook direct via my PC > computer > network folders (to proceed with good old copy n paste back up !) . Same issue. It can see the mybook and the private and public folders. And I can open public folders (albeit am keeping nothing in them).  But I try to open the private folder with my stuff in and it asks for username / password and upon entering these and hitting ok the login box simply flashes back up with the user/pass boxes empty  . No error or denied message.

I am trying to keep things uncomplicated (ho ho). This is no complex set up of multiple users and private  / public stuff. I just have the one admin user account and password and just the one person accessing the network and the mybook  - aka me as admin. As I don’t trust my 4yr old or my wife for that matter not to hash it all up.

I hope above makes sense and that problem is a simple fix !?



PS: and to confirm said same pc can acceess the mybook via its software and password so I can see the folders and dashboard.  But that doesn’t help me back up by copy n paste or goodsync.

PPS: Also I cannot map the livebook to a networkdrive for same reason. Follow procedure but it asks for username and password and when I enter it denies it. Even though there is only one username and password for the book !?


Can you check the username you try to access with is listed into the following file on your MBL:


If it is not, just add it with this command:

smbpasswd -a your_username


thanks - but sorry you will have to talk down a notch :slight_smile:

What file is that and how can i access ? do you mean on C drive installation path or actually on the my book ?

And in anticipation that location isn’t obvious to me how would I then add such a command ?  do you mean command line prompt (ie: cmd from start in windows or something elser ??? )




The /etc/samba/smbpasswd file is located on the My Book, and contains the list of users who can acces shares (i.e. using the protocole named SAMBA).

To access this file, you first need to enable SSH on this MyBook in order to run command line commands.

But if you are not really user friendly with unix, I am not sure this is a good idea :wink:

Maybe someone on this forum would have a more appropriate/clean solution to solve the problem.