Password in safepoint files

Does any body have any idea what the user and password of an attached hd is so it can be used for a safepoint.?
I had this problem in 2014 and solved with the help of john 012. I moved house and I have the same problem again. However due to the changes in the data base I cannot find the answer in the link he send me.

I am trying to create a safepoint using an external ntfs formatted external HD. The first problem I encounterd is that it doest not recognized an network sign in for windows 8.1 . I solved the problem creating a local account but now the sistem keeps asking me for a user name and password for the attached HD. I tried to use the same log in as the account but it does not work. Does anybody has any problem with this and has find a solution. Please let me know. Tks in advance

Is the Computer OS asking for the user name and password when you attach the external USB hard drive, or is the My Cloud asking for the user name and password when you use SafePoint to access the external USB hard drive?

Sorry but there is no way for us or anyone else to know what user name and password were used on your end, either on your My Cloud, on your computer, or on the external USB hard drive itself.

If you somehow created a password to access the external USB hard drive itself, or encrypted the entire external USB hard drive, and lost that password it would help to know what program or OS was used to encrypt the hard drive.

I know this post is very old but if anybody finds it because they are having the same issue (as I did) then I have found a solution:

Go to:
Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center > Advanced sharing settings

and select “Turn off password protected sharing”

This will then let you make the safepoint to the selected folder in the drive (I also changed the permissions on my selected folder to share with ‘everyone’ while I was trouble shooting so you may need to do this as well.

After you’ve made your safepoint then you can always change the permissions back (unless you choose to auto backup).

I should mention that this is using Windows 7 but may apply to newer OS too.