Password G-Raid w/ Thunderbolt Configurator


Hi there,

I just purchased a G-Raid drive w/ Thunderbolt 2 and wanted to set up the G-Raid configurator but before installation, the software asks me for a password but I can’t find a password anywhere and also never registered a password anywhere.

Anyone has an idea where to find it or how to install the configurator?


The password it is asking for is your own computer’s password. The same one you need when logging on your computer or installing certain types of software.


I have the same problem with Yves. I followed Rydia’s instruction to use my own computer’s password for several time but it doesn’t work. I have restarted the computer and re-entered the password again. It keeps saying incorrect password. I can’t go to G-Raid configurator.

Can anyone help?


It is and always will be the administrator password on your Mac. It cannot be any other password. Try changing your admin password on your Mac and then using the new password to open this software. The credentials on your system might need to be updated if you’ve done only upgrades and not clean installs on your Mac over the years.


Thanks Rydia! It works now!


Not so fast there; this didn’t work for me!
After futzing around ends up I have a $ (dollar sign) in my password, and that is causing a problem!
Try setting your Mac to something with a $ followed by at least one other character – the utility doesn’t work then. For example, I used: $123.
I also tried my pw w/o a $ and also tried with the $ as the last character – both of these worked.

Looks like there is some problem with processing passwords with this utility?

BTW, I’m on a late 2013 Mac Pro w/Mac OS 10.11.5 installed, but only been using it new out of the box for about a month, so no “crufty” problems should be lurking having a machine for a long period of time . . .


It has likely never been tested to look for strange password requirement anomalies as it just uses the built in Apple API to need the computer’s administrative password. I will pass it along to the engineers and see if they’ve seen an issue.

Thank you for the feedback.


I don’t consider this a strange password: many sites require upper and lower case letters, numbers AND a special character for a password, along with a length requirement.
Your engineering might also find my testing useful:
$ & < >
and space

~ ! # % & * ? + _


Thanks again Bruce for the feedback this is being escalated now to engineering.


Hello, I too am having the same “password” issues as in this thread. I have done what has been suggested, changed my admin password and used it to log in to G-Rain configurator and keeps coming up with “incorrect password”. I have replaced a faulty drive with a matching new drive but the capacity only shows up for 1 drive. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



If you are using a really simple generic password you should not have an issue. The capacity will only show up as 1 drive until you can rebuild it with the software. Did you have the RAID setup as a RAID0 or RAID1 prior to a drive failing?


Hi, thanks for your reply. I ended up changing my admin password again and also uninstalled the RAID software and deleted it. Then downloaded and installed software again, entered the new password and it worked this time. When I connected the drive the software recognised it and it all seems to be working again. Not sure why it didn’t work earlier but I’m pleased its okay now. Cheers


Same problem here. My G-Raid with Thunderbolt 3 Configurator won’t accept the computer’s admin password. Using a new Mac Pro, right out of the box. My password is letters only. Changing the admin password is not an option, as this is a shared work computer.

Very frustrating.


@tburns4 I just tested this with all the previous use case scenarios and the configurator has been changed. It does not reject the password even with special characters anymore. Is your system in English or do you use another language on the computer?


I tried to use it today. It worked once, with my admin password, and has refused to work a second time. No matter what password type I use, it always says it’s incorrect.
Where are the support files in the library. That’s the only thing I can think is the problem. I have a failed drive and need to find out what’s wrong immediately.

Nevermind. It required a computer reboot to get the configurator to start working again, not just a password change or log out.



i have the exact same problem… I tried restarting, reinstallation and also changing my password.
But i can’t configure my G-RAID with Thunderbolt 3 drives…

Could anybody help me?