Password forgotten

anyone can help? i forgot the password to access data from my passport essential? any idea how to retrieve it?

If you can’t remember it you are out of luck there is no reset or work around.


Hi, that meeans i cant do anything but to loose all the data save in the passport essential? not even western digital expert cant retrieve my data? thats too bad for me

A data recovery firm may be able to get the data with a brute force attack to break password. It won’t be cheap. Sorry there isn’t anything else.


hi joe, how about formating the passport if i prepare to loose the important data, will the password programme will be erase as well? then at least i still have a external harddisc

Try the password until it pops up an option to erase drive. It might be another term but that should format the drive.


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The SmartWare password has been cracked (ie bypassed) by the Reverse Engineering Brothers.

AIUI, the data recovery fee is US$650.