Password for MyPassport Essential was not set

I used to just drag and drop files to my MyPassport Essential when all of a sudden it asked for a password I don’t remember setting. This actually happened a couple of years ago, I tried to look for answers online, looking for a default password, resetting, etc,  but it seemed like no one knew how to retrieve data from a locked hard drive.

I am currently using a different hard drive now but I am posting this just in case a solution has already been found. I suppose since it has been a couple of years since I was last able to access this, the files are not that important. But this drive contains most of my university work and a whole lot of pictures and I would greatly appreciate if someone coule help me recover that.

The hard drive is pretty old but it still works as the WD Smartware Password thing still comes up when I plug it in. And I’m sure I can scour a copy of its receipt if needed for proof of ownership. 

Please help? :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome to the WD Community.

As a recommendation, try using a data recovery software to see if you are able to get some of the files.

Unfortunately, once the security has been set on the drive, if you don’t have the password, the encryption wont allow you to access the drive through any standards procedures.