Password for Local Access

The web dashboard (http://wdmycloud/UI/) does not prompt for a password.  That means anyone on my network can access the interface and change settings/ delete users and shares. Am I missing where to set this up? The shares I put passwords on work fine from the default Windows network interface, but the web UI has no password whatsoever.

exportsmedia wrote:

Am I missing where to set this up?

Yes.  You need to set a password for your admin user.

I set one up during the initial setup program, but I was never prompted to enter it again. Where do I go to add a password to admin now? The admin account does not show up under my users.

The admin account may not be named “admin” – it’s the name of the first user you created during the initial setup.

It’s the one in the user list that has the green checkmark next to the name.

Nevermind, figured it out, apparently I was logged in already as a user, although I couldn’t access the admin user. Thanks!