Password Doesn't Change

I have a WD-Netcenter NAS that my Live Hub can see but when I try to put in my username and password, the password does not change. I can get into the screen to change the password but my change does not take. When I get back to the login screen, after trying to change the password, I can see that the number of asterisks is the same as was there originally and not the number that would be there if my password change took hold. The same thing happened with the shared folder on my PC but it was a non-issue, I believe, because that folder is not password protected. But my NAS is password protected. When I get to that login screen, there is a picture of a lock above the password. Might this be the problem? It is locked somewhere? If so, how do I unlock it?

The number of asterisks does not match the number of characters in your password, so don’t use it as an indicator. Likewise, there is ALWAYS a picture of a lock above the password blank on the Hub.

Thanks. That leaves me with a problem of the Live Hub telling me my username and password are incorrect after I enter them. I have tried it several times. No problems logging into the NAS using the same username and password from my PC.

What do your NAS logs say?