Password and share updates not being recognized (MyCloud)

I have two users and five shares on my WD MyCloud device. One user (“J”) is able to consistently access the device from my PC (wireless) and reconfigure share permissions and user passwords, and is able to access some shares via Win Explorer. However, there is one share it cannot access (“O-share”), regardless of the permissions I set for that user on that share. The other user (“O”) cannot access the device at all, regardless of the password value or state (on or off). However, I can access the device from my android phone via the MyCloud app using a nearly identically named user (“o”), and I can see the files on the O-share, as well as all other shares via this app. But no matter what I do, I cannot access the O-share from my PC using any user account, nor can I enact changes in the Users or Shares from the J-user that are being accepted by the system. They are not changing my local access capabilities.

The critical issue seems to be that I cannot affect user or share changes made thru the MyCloud configuration pages, even though all changes seem to be accepted by the device (still there after repeated login cycles). Anyone have any ideas on what my problem might be?

@jbgnss Are you the administrator of the WD My Cloud? Why do you let someone else use your computer? If you are the administrator create a User Name and Password for access to the Dashboard.

Yeah, I am an administrator. Everything else I wrote still applies.

OK, I may have resolved this. It appears that my share and account names are too similar in that they’re identical except for case sensitivity. Over the years of use without comprehensive research into this thing’s operation, I must have created a conflict by having a share “Oats” and a user “oats” that likely auto-created an empty share called “oats,” which may have confused this thing around choosing “oats” vs. “Oats.” At least that’s my guess after changing the share name oats to oats2. Didn’t read anything about case sensitivity issues, just went through the process of creating another user and watched what happened, then renamed to oats2, then rebooted (seems you’d better always reboot this thing, though I didn’t see that in anything I read either). Maybe more later if I clarify anything more.