Password and Security

WD icloud / iPhone / WD app

Question on security with App WD.

If i wish to access the WD drive using the WD app, on an iPad Pro, i need to enter the details, which is the way I have set up the WD.

However if i wish to access on an iPhone with the following, select pics in photo and upload / share it allowed me to put images onto the drive being the WD without the need to enter the code which i have set up.

Question does this mean anyone can do this ?

Thank you

Only if you have given there device access. What do you have set up in the Dashboard? Have you read all the information provided in the Dashboard and the Help information.

Have you read the User Manual for your My Cloud device?

Hello cat, thank you for the reply, probably my question not clear, if I use the iPhone I need to put in code to assess the app WD.

If I am not not using the app WD and am not logged into WD using the phone, but decide to add images through app phones photo it accesses the WD app without the need to enter a code.

So is this normal do you know ?

generally I do not read manuals, is their a section you have read cat that answers my questions ?

Many thanks for a prompt reply