Password and Data Security

I have a 1TB “MyBook Essential” hard drive with password protection (aka SmartWare). I travel a lot and was wondering what would happen if I lost my drive one day and someone with a little bit of computer knowledge was able to get a hold of it. How safe would my files be? Will the password be enough? What if they take the drive out the case?

I understand security is a very confidential topic. But can you guys at WD at least give me a “feel” of how safe my data would be under these kinds of conditions. What are the probabilities that the data inside can still be viewed? Thanks.

It’s safe there is no reset. Removing the drive and connecting directly to PC the data that you could get off is still encrypted and useless.


As Joe_s stated, even taking the drive out of the enclosure and connecting the drive directly to the computer will not work, because the encryption is hardware based, thus the drive will still be protected.