Passthrough native resolution?

I’ve seen some mixed comments on if the WD TV Live Hub will passthrough the native resolution of a media file.

For instance, let’s say I have a SD MPEG2 NTSC video file.  Will the “Hub” upconvert everything ?   Or, is there a way to force the decoding and retain the SD resoution (picture size).


(edited)   Sometimes this is also caused by scaling the video.  In that case, is it possible to “not scale” and passthrough native resolution ?

No.   The Hub upscales to the resolution detected from the display.

One exception:   If you have auto-framerate enabled. it will change resolution to 1080p24 for 24p content (assuming your monitor supports it) even if AUTO selects a different resolution.    Like for me, AUTO selects 720p60, but if I watch a 24p media file, it will change to 1080p24.

Thanks for the reply.

So if it upscales everything, then doesn’t that look crappy ?   I mean that if you have a video with native resolution of 320x240 or even 640x480 then expanded out to say 720 or even 1080 wouldn’t they look pixelated, especially if the btirate isn’t as high.

What’s your opinion ?


Looks a lot better than a video that uses only 5% of the real-estate on my panel!  :smileyvery-happy:

Frankly i’ve been more impressed with the hub’s ability to upscale pretty much anything more than any of its other features.  I’ve had movies that looked poor at best on my pc look HD quality on the hub.  It even formats 3:2 videos to 16:9 for my tv. 

Agree… Upscaling by WDTV LIve HUB is pretty good… (Ahem! in most cases) :wink: