Passport wont work through ps3 need help


ive just recently bought a wd passport external hard drive

it isnt recognised on my blue ray dvd player or on the ps3 that we have

however a friend has another drive which works on both

my drive is visible on all computers in my house

anyone with any ideas please

starting to lose patience with it now



It probably needs to be formatted differently. FAT32 for PS3 and I have no idea for your DVD. How is your friends drive formatted? FAT32 has a max file size of 4 gig. You might want this


thanks for the quick response, but done all that and it still wont recognise it

Which model of Passport do you have, and what model of drive is your friend’s?

It could very easily be that your friend has the one model that was made for that purpose, and yours is one of the models that WD specifies needs to be connected to a computer.

I believe there was also a problem with one of the new updates for PS3 that blocked using an external drive.