Passport Wireless Pro Android photo backup does not retain album structure

Greetings All,

Just picked up the WD Passport Wireless Pro, installed the My Cloud Android app and setup photo backup. While it does seem to be backing up my photos, it does not seem to preserve the album structure on my phone.

Photo #1 in camera roll (DCIM directory on phone)
Photo #2 in AlbumA in (Pictures\AlbumA directory on phone)

After Backup has run, looking at the photos using the My Cloud Android app shows them all dumped into the same directory. Looking at the Wireless Pro filesystem via FTP, both photos are under the /Storage/devicename/ directory with no other structure.

Please tell me I’m missing something… right? The solution for photo file backup can’t be to dump your 1000’s of pictures into a single directory and think that’s going to fly with anyone backing up their photos.

Thanks for any assistance.

No it doesn’t keep the phone album structure, It Just gets your photos and videos. You need to make the album structure in your NAS by moving the data into the right folders you have created.

Who ever is the developer of the My Cloud app needs fired. Who thinks that’s a good idea to take say hundreds of photos in albums and dump them all into a single directory where you have to sort them. Insanity!

Guess I’ll have to do some type of ftp instead to transfer those and not rely upon the backup to not backup the folder structure as it sits currently.

Very disappointing for sure…

I, like most people, arrange them after they are downloaded, so not a problem.

I like most people have 1000s of existing pictures organized into albums that makes zero sense to dump all that organization into a single folder with 1000s of pictures in it with no context.

Yes, I agree if you are only taking photos and haven’t organized them then the feature makes sense but what about everything else that exists? So nobody organized photos prior to this device existing?

Short-sighted development if you ask me.

I’ve resorted to performing an FTP and dumping the structure in myself but the average user? Yeah right…