Passport Wireless: Building Previews


I have a 2TB MyPassport Wireless (NOT the pro version).
Current Firmware: 1.06.06 (question on that on a separate thread)

I am getting back “into” this device after a hiatus.
I see from the web interface for the drive (on the media tab) that it is “building previews”.

I see that while this task is ongoing, the activity level is high enough that the battery won’t charge (It maintains charge at “x”% -> Doesn’t lose ground, doesn’t increase charge level).

This is BAD for a portable device. Especially when the intended use is to “throw in a memory card and download 4gb of images automatically”. . .


  1. How do I stop this drive building previews?

    1a) Do I need to SSH into the drive and stops some processes?
    1b) It looks like the process structure is different than other WD NAS units. . . .what are the processes that I need to terminate? Also -> unlike the NAS units, this unit (obviously) gets turned on/off frequently. I imagine there is more than the “stop” command I must do? I need to ensure it doesn’t restart.

    1c) It does appear that operating on battery stops preview builds. . .in both “performance” and “battery life” mode. Is this correct? and intended?

  2. I am a bit fuzzy on TWONKY -> but will turning off DLNA sharing stop the preview builds? Will it also kill TWONKY? (still experimenting on that point - -> but it appears the answer is “no”, it doesn’t kill the previews. . .is that correct? Will test TWONKY later)

Thank you.

(Edited for grammer)


I recommend you email WD support for assistance.