Passport w/o password insists it has one

Relatively new (18 mos) 1T Passport I use for backup. Never set a password, always opens fine w/o one. PC dying - why we back up, right? Take Passport to new PC, it insists it has a password. Go back to old PC, opens fine w/o one. Not disaster, because I keep basic backup in cloud as well. But Passport was main backup, so facing losing some stuff. Why is this happening?

Hi wserra,

There is a Auto Unlock feature if you use WD Security to secure your My Passport drive. It may be possible that you used WD Security before on your old PC and enable Auto Unlock to unlock drive when connect to same PC. But it is asking for password as you are trying to use it on another PC.

Thank you for your response, asp73. I am aware of the auto-unlock feature. I didn’t use it, however, because I never set a password.

And I lost more than I originally realized. Why is this happening? It’s turned into the old “write-only memory”.