Passport USB not recognized


My new Passport USB shows up as “Disk 1” in disk manager but cannot be initialized; it shows up as “unknown” and is not recognized in my computer…; initialize is grayed out. also shows as “off line”; Help!


Same problem Windows 10, purchased WD MY Passport 4T for extra space. Not recognized by laptop computer. Was told
by friend to format and initialize. Instead I got a hardware error notice. The light is blinking, the device is connected to my laptop, but Mr. Passport seems to have wandered away…


Be sure the USB cable is NOT connected to a hub. t must go direct to the PC.


Thank you fr the suggestion,and yes the USB cable is directly connected to laptop. The other one is directly connected to PC. I’m not an IT person (clearly!), and not sure quite sure what a hub is.LOL…I have a router and a WiFi device connected to places on the back of my PC, but the Passport is not connected to them. Thank you thou for the warning, thoguh, I didn’t expect,a response!