Passport Ultra + Toshiba Laptop not turning on

Hi - I have a Passport Ultra 3TB and a Toshiba Satellite A665 Laptop with Win 7.
I have set-up the Passport and backed-up the laptop. I shut down the laptop.

Problem: When I try to turn the laptop on, with the Passport plugged in the USB port, the Passport light turns on, but the laptop only gets as far as you hearing the fan and drive running, but the screen never lights-up, etc. I have to manually disconnect power from the laptop, unplug the passport, and plug in laptop and after it finishes booting up, plug Passport back into the USB. Is this normal, or am I missing a setting so they “work together”?
Thanks in advance for your help - Jim (11-30-2015)

You’ve probably got the laptop set to boot from USB in preference to its HDD/SSD. So it’s trying to use the MP as a boot disk, and failing as there is no operating system on it.

Normally if you leave it for a while, it will time out and then try its next option for booting. Once it gets to the HDD/SSD then it will find the OS and continue. Or else either re-arrange the boot order in your system BIOS (although then you will lose the genuine option to boot from USB) or just unplug the MP if you need to reboot or start-up.