Passport ultra sometimes "clicks"

I would appreciate some help… My brand new 1TB Passport Ultra seems to be working fine. Copying large files, moving files, … all OK. But, when I play mp3 music from the drive, every cca 5-10min the drive makes a “click” noise. Randomly, never related to a particular song, I can not find a pattern, but it repeats. I asked for a replacement drive, got it, but the same behavior appeared again, click when listening music is again here. Is there an explanation on how this could somehow be a “feature”, not a bug? Any suggestions on what to do? Can I run some diagnostic SW by myself to check the drive? Can I trust the drive with my important files? Thanks


Could be a power issue.

Where is the drive being connected?

Make sure that you are not using any USB hub and that you are using the cable that came with the drive. If is a desktop computer, make sure to connect the drive to the back USB port of the computer.