Passport Ultra problem with copy photofiles

I’m using my Passport Ultra drive (500GB) as photo archive. Today i want to copy my photos to other drive. But i cant do this for all files becaus my passport ultra copy 75photo from 100 and stuck. All the time when i want to move or copy my photo files from this drive, passport hdd “freezz”. What can i do? I cant move/copy my 120GB photo files from this drive. I use this drive maybe one time per month.

Use WD Utility to do a quick health check of the drive.

After 10% in Quick Scan I have “Error”. On Full Scan Too ;(
I’m coping my files 6h and for now I have problem with 900~ photos.

I used also “WD Lifeguard Diagnostic” and I saw error: Status code: 07, Checkpoint: 97



SMART is good condition


Funny, the gwaranty for my product was expired 2months ago. I was using this drive maybe 200 times for 3y ;(

Finnaly I coped what i can. From 36k files i cant copy 1000~ especially big files like video. I lost my wedding video. Thx Mr WD ;( My wife will kill me now. I dont know how I will talk this fact for her…