Passport Ultra Metallic 3TB Win XP

Bought a brand new one and took it home to back up the guts of an old XP machine. It shows up in device manager but otherwise nothing else can be done with it. Can’t open it, looks at it, doesn’t get discovered.

Plugged it into my laptop, works perfectly fine.

I have a 2TB Ultra passport and a 4TB My Book that all work perfectly fine with the XP machine as well.

What is the problem? What is it that is preventing this from working on an XP machine when the other drives have no problem? If there is a solution, I would like to know it, but if it simply won’t work BECAUSE its WinXP then I’ll happily give up searching for an answer.

A brief reason as to why the 2 and 4 work but this doesn’t would also be nice.

Windows XP 32-Bit is not compatible with GPT Partition Style (which i’m pretty sure you’ll find the passport is) 2TB and 4TB will be MBR … which is compatible with XP