Passport Ultra ID'd as CD Drive and Autolocks

My Passport Ultra (1 TB) is a few years old and for many of those years it has shown up as a CD/VDV player with an icon to match. I have tried everything I can think of over this time and am still frustrated. In addition, it locks itself so I have to unlock it every morning. I’d rather not.
I also own a 3 TB Passport (newer version) but did not install the WD software. It performs flawlessly! I would like my 1 TB Ultra to perform in a similar fashion.

Hi @gtbell,

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for best assistance and troubleshooting:

I’m sorry but I refuse to fill in the blanks on your support page. Too much info is required. After having this issue for two years (roughly), and dealing with trying to fix it myself, the least you can do is allow me to chat online with one of your experts.