Passport Ultra -How to delete files that were moved

I moved files in my computer from the C drive to the D drive.  Passport has all these files saved in it from both C and D.  I now have two sets of the same files in Passport.  How do I delete the saved files in Passport that were in the C drive to free up space in Passpost?


How did you save the files on the drive? manually copy and paste or using the WD Smartware backup software?

I cut the files from the C drive and pasted to the D drive in the computer.    When I view the files using Smartware in the Retrieve section, the C files show with a line in them.  When I check through Smartware the individual folders in the Passport, both the C volume and D volume show all the data,  The total bytes seem to indicate that both sets of files remain. 

This raises the associate question.  If you delete a file, Passport keeps it in case you want top go back to previous saves.  How do you delete that process for particular files in general if you wish?

OK  I figured it out.  Yu have to delete the original save files in Pasport that have the lines through them.  Click on My PC, then My Passport.  The Open up WD SmartWare.swstor and open on the sub-folder that’s the name for your machine.  You’ll see the Volume in the Pasport memory.  delete the files you want to that have the line through them.  That will open space in your Passport.  I cannot guarantee that will not cause problems.  But it seems to work as I just halved the amount of space Passport was using by deleting duplicate files.