Passport Ultra dropped. Advice / help required

Need some help fellas
I had everything I had , photos and Videos on my passport ultra
I dropped the drive .
Now when connecting to my computer . It is only giving me a clicking sound . No spinning of any kind .
What is my next move if any ??
Any positive advice would be appreciated ?
many thanks

Contact a Data Recovery Service and get a Quote.

Is there any other way from this position without using these guys
Was quoted 640 including vat and no fee if data is not recovered .
Seems very steep
And with what I’ve described are chances of getting full recovery ?

Repairing a psychically damaged hard drive from dropping it is something the average user cannot (and should not) attempt to repair if you want any chance of recovering your data.

If you shop around for data recovery quotes you’ll find the cost will be similar no matter where you go. That’s about the standard price for data recovery … and it can go a lot higher than 640 including vat.

The “clicking” sound after the drop could be any number of things (see below) … only a professional data recovery service can diagnose it and attempt to recover it.

  1. The actuator arm has come off the parking ramp and hit the platters
  2. The heads are damaged in some way (lightly or catastrophically)
  3. The heads have hit the platter and become stuck
  4. The actuator arm has become out of alignment
  5. The spindle has been damaged from impact
  6. Read/write head sliders have come off

I’m sorry to hear your situation :frowning: i have been there a few times over the last 20 years with hard drives failing (not from dropping them though) … but them failing without warning and developing the ‘click of death’ as it’s known and losing my data.

The best practice to keep your data safe (which i religiously do now) is to keep a backup of your important data. I have a backup of all data, and for really important data i keep 2 backups. These days, if i buy a 4TB hard drive, i buy 2 of them one for my data and the other for a backup of my data.

It’s not cheap buying duplicate hard drives for backup … but as you’ve discovered it’s a lot cheaper than having to use a data recovery service to recover your data.

Thanks Joey
I’m very apprehensive about putting my hard drive into the place I had quoted
If I use this guy and he says there is "no hope of getting my Data2 . Will that mean I can’t try anyone else .
I will be honest mate . I need all or most of the data or it will truly break my heart
It has everything of me when I was young guy on it . It’s my life on the hard drive.
I was completely unaware a drop would do this to the hard drive . Not a technical guy tbh
It is gutting my heart every day but I’m frightened to put the thing in to the repairer .
Also 650 is a lot of money for me . A holiday more or less :-(((
Your thoughts mate ??

All I can say the hard drive had a big memory and my stuff was taking a very small fraction of it .
The guy also asked me how long I had the drive connected to computer . I had said not long but in truth . I’m absolutely not sure
What relevance has this ???

And would I be better contacting someone in say Germany
I always have the feeling these guys have all the latest techniques and technologies ?

Probably because after dropping it (causing mechanical damage) and attempting to use it afterwards can possibly cause even more damage and reduce the chances of being able to recover your data.

It’s entirely your decision on what course of action you wish to take in your efforts to recover your data. Contact any many companies as you wish and talk to them to gather as much information as you can and make a decision based on that research.

I can’t really offer any more advice sorry.

But, i wish you the best of luck recovering your data.