Passport Ultra Compression & Driver

I’ve got a Passport Ultra coming and need to understand the compression and the unlocker on the virtual CD.

If I go to a public computer (Win 7 or XP) where I’m not the administrator, will the driver load up to use the unlocker, or is it a situation like TrueCrypt where you have to use an administrator account?

In the manual, you can turn the compression with password on or off. This makes no sense, thinking of files compressed on the hard disk – they would all have to be compressed on turn-on & decompressed on turn-off. What is really happening?

What happens if you take the disk out of the case and use it in another case or a PC or laptop?

I plan to take the disk out and run wdidle3 on it to turn off the feature of parking the heads after a few seconds of inactivity. I’ve run that on my other WD disks. The 3.5" external one was set at 8 seconds, and the 2.5" from a netbook was set on 3 seconds. They could wear out that way. But, will this void my warrantee – is there a seal on the case?


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