Passport ultra B/U 'adds' new pictures, doesn't move them

My passport makes ‘changes’ to documents, but it doesn’t move my pictures within the “pictures” folder.
Ex: end of year, i moved many .jpg photos to different folders so as to finish organizing my files into different folders.
I see NEW .jpg photos, but the organizing I did on my desktop was not mirrored in the back up. The photos are in the same old folders for 2016.
Not sure that makes sense, but on my older passport, I always had a mirror of my desktop after B/U was performed.
I cannot find any settings to correct this. (Also, I used LightRoom 3 to make those moves. Is LR3 not compatible? It DOES add new photos I import using LR tools) I say this b/c I just did a test, using desktop to move a photo in PICTURES and did B/U… it moved the photo.


Are you using the same backup software as you were before?

What backup software are you using?

It is exact same, replacement Passport. WD backup.swstor. it is what came on the drive.

It is just frustrating that I did alot of work organizing, and now if I were to have to use the back-up, it is PRE organizing!
The manual says it “adds and changes” on the back up… I should see the same folders/files on the b/u as I do on the main desktop